Positive Impacts: The Impact Of Social Networks On People

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The impact of social networks on people, i.e. the social bonds people have with their environment are very interesting from a sociological and anthropological point of view because they provide an idea of the enormous potential they have in the process of transformation of society Current and organisations of the century. The purpose of social networks is sharing a profile, join a network of friends, find new or look old, even serves to find work, let us know, do business, or simply share hobbies, photos and videos (Asur and Huberman, 2010).
Participate in a social network can share interests or needs. Currently, Facebook, twitter, metroflog, sonic, MySpace, hi5, Bebo, can influence in society purely because they can force major changes in leadership, sink reputations, and generate awareness, recognition, appreciation, empathy or merely knowledge on the lives of people. However, along with facts rather than words, social networks have the ability to overcome the individuality and that can be focused on the community of a society in view of increasingly topical, versatile and outside distinction information, and use for purposes, which would be unable to achieve by themselves (Zeng et al., 2010).
The wonderful thing about social networking site is the strength generated by the public user profile depends not only on the contacts they have, then rather an interlocking between the user 's contacts link, known to friends, friends is generated of acquaintances, etc. Even given

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