Positive Impacts: The Negative Impact Of Cell Phones

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Cell Phones and Their Negative Impact Every day 6.8 billion people use a cell phone. With almost 91% of the world population using these devices, one would assume they are safe. They are not. Some would disagree, contradicting with how cell phones can improve your everyday life with health apps, reminders, etc. However, the negatives outweigh the positives. Cell phones are a large negative component in so many lives, yet this goes practically unnoticed. Cell phones can negatively affect one’s physical health, mental health, and one’s daily life. Cell phones can negatively affect one’s physical health. Though laws have helped prevent cell phone use while operating a vehicle, cell phones still have only greatened the number of distracted driving accidents. Susan Henneberg is an author who focuses on writing about common issues in society. After hearing of a fatal distracted driving accident, she wrote of the accident, “The impact [of the crash] spun their car sideways into Shaw’s lane, and the trailing pickup truck plowed into the side of the Saturn, killing both men instantly”(Henneberg). Both of these drivers were physically hurt all because of texting and driving. This crash is just one of the millions of deadly crashes caused by texting and driving that happen every year. Ultimately, use of cell phones caused this physical harm. As one could see, cell phones have and will lead to physical harm to people. In addition to the physical harm due to car accidents
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