Sample Case Study Nicole's Life

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recipes or motivating her coworkers to take daily walks, she always leads by example. Moreover, in the context of family, Nicole understands that all people a led or influenced differently and that “people do things for their own reasons” (Sanborn, 2008, p. 55). Creating positive influence in her sons’ decisions in their lives is a tough thing to do, but she understands that one son may need time and space before coming to an understanding, while the other needs support and encouragement. It is with this understanding that Nicole has demonstrated her knowledge of motivators and learning differences in people. When pertaining to her job duties, Nicole knows that one student may need to be encouraged to add one more course because she knows they could handle it, while she advises another to take their time with one course. This proves that Nicole is not afraid to challenge those who need it, yet she knows not to overwhelm others. Power in persuasive communication After working with Nicole for a year, one may be influenced to throw away their carb-ridden foods and opt for a lean plant-based diet.…show more content…
We feel good because we do good (Sanborn, 2008, p. 83). Nicole does a lot of giving, therefore she does a lot of good. She shows such strength in her humility and “people with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think about themselves less” (BiolaUniversity, 2012). In her work she creates an atmosphere were people begin to think of themselves as more or that they should do more good, as she has done. In her professional life and personal life, she puts God at the center of all things, and when things go wrong, she trusts in Him. Instead of feeling like she must give less or cower in fear, she knows that God will not give her anything that she can’t handle. She as a leader, gives all she has. She gives her time, energy, money, advise, and more for the betterment of others and that’s a quality that a true lead
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