Creating A Positive Learning Environment Essay

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Select and research 2 sources that share strategies for developing and leading a positive learning environment. In 200-250 words, share a few of those strategies and describe how they can be implemented in an educational setting.
General Biology: Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Elementary Education Majors It is the author's' intention in this paper to describe and report the results of an attempt to provide an environment more conducive to the personal needs, learning styles and interest orientations of elementary education majors in an introductory course of study in the biological sciences. In retrospect, it seems that it is indeed possible to help future elementary school teachers develop a positive feeling for science teaching. This can be
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Recently, the Association of American Medical Colleges released a statement on the optimal learning environment. However, for decades, great clinical teachers have known that the learning environment affects ethical and personal development. Orienting students leads to improved preparedness for clinical work, and encouraging students to be active participants in the learning process leads to enhanced learning. In addition, the presence of exemplary role models enhances learning.
How to Create a Positive Learning Environment
Clinical teachers foster a positive learning environment in many practical ways. . In pediatrics, students worry about “breaking” a child, “dropping a baby,” “hurting” a child, not knowing how to relate to children, and not knowing how to examine “such a small baby” or calm a baby down. They also worry about the parents’ reactions, dealing with “2 things at once” (the parent and the child), “moms yelling” at them, and not knowing what to say to parents or how to answer their questions.

Practical Ways Clinical Teachers Can Enhance the Learning
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