Factors Affecting My Learning Habits

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Prior to this semester, I would have to sate with all honesty that I went from a diligent learner to a chaotic learner. In other words, I lost most of my learning techniques and motivation once I came to college. I am not sure how or what time it occurred, but I suddenly found myself to be total disaster in the middle of the fall semester. However, like any other struggling freshman I also had environmental factors that contributed to my learning habits in high school. I come from a school with a graduating class of 52 seniors, so creating comfortable study groups was an easy task for me. Teachers were also easily able to motivate their student’s due to the convenient size of my school, hence the start of my studious habits the freshmen year…show more content…
For instance, when I took calculus in community college I made use of every resource available to help me do well in class. I created a group chat of the people in my high school who were also taking tat class in order to help each other survive the class. We would review each unit on our off periods, use the school’s math lab for help, and even use our lunch time to study for exams. While a daily trip to math lab proved to be effective, the afterschool study groups did not. We were so exhausted from classes and high school life that even a mark on the wall distracted us. In order to overcome this issue, we all agreed to work effectively during our school hours so we could all go home to resume our regular activities. Furthermore, knowing my classmates for four years and having the same classes with them is definitely an important factor that led us to find the right learning strategy. Studying after school was obviously not an efficient way since it takes serious discipline from everyone involved to remain concentrated after 8 hours of learning and planning. Ultimately, a positive learning experience depends in your environment, resources, and people around
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