Positive Mindset Assignment

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This is an individual assignment of Study Skills subject which is compulsory for my first semester. The task I was doing is “Identifying the keys to success”. It required me to interview someone I deem as a successful person. The person I had interviewed is Ms. Melissa who is a lecturer in HELP University College. I had developed some questions to know further more about keys to success. First of all, from Ms. Melissa view, she said do things base on your values, which means if your values are positive, you will be living with positive lifestyle. What I learnt from her is, having a positive mindset is very important, it affect how a person living style is. Positive thinking also helps achieving goals, too. Other than that, positive mindset…show more content…
It helps me how to face the reality of social, increase the relationship between my family and friend; it leads me to a better quality life. Other than that, it also shows the image of me to the others. It also can help other people, too. When a person is having a positive mindset, it will affect the others people who was in negative thinking person. In other words, the positive magnetic field will spread to others. Next, like Ms. Melissa mentioned, positive mindset will bring you to the right path and achieving goals. Yes, positive mindset will creates rational thinking which can make me decide my decision really well. When I make a right decision, it makes me achieve my goals easier. A person who poor in manage time like me realize that time management is very important. Time is gold, before that I had wasted a lot of time because I never manage my time well. Furthermore, education helps me become a better person. As a student, I study hard and keep seeking for more knowledge to improve myself; it pushes me to another level of thinking. Like Ms. Melissa said, education is not about the degree, is about the process. The process of my education years is fun and interesting; I learn things through many incidents, peoples, experiences. There’s a proverb in China “the more you experience, the more intelligent you are”. Which means people will wiser when they been through
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