Positive Psychology Makes People Happy Essay

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Introduction The pages in the book were about if positive psychology makes us happy. I think that having psychology knowledge of how to make people happy really helps. I think that people can be happy without psychology knowledge but knowing the brain and what makes people happy can make you even happier. You can have happiness as an individual, but I think the happiest people can be is with another person. Stephen M. Schueller and Acacia C. Parks think that people that are less happy that are by people that are naturally happy can be imitated by the people that are less happy. I think that being around happy people can make a very big difference in your life. I know if I am around people that are upset and sad that it makes me upset and sad to see them that way. I try to surround myself with positive people in my life and keep those positive people in my life as long as I can. I try to keep…show more content…
They made the pursuit of happiness to help people be happier and to make them follow government policy better. Maslow’s hierarchy explained this best. Maslow’s hierarchy is that people need to satisfy their basic need before they worry about other needs. Basic needs are like drink water when you are thirsty, eat food when you are hungry and, sleep when you are tired. Susan M. Schueller and Acacia C. Parks thinks that yes previous research can increase individual happiness. “According to some models, Forty percent of happiness may be within our control,” (pg. 11). As this line from the book say that forty percent of happiness is within our control and I think that is completely true. A lot of our happiness we cannot control but they happiness that we can we need to make sure to use. Another thing is to surround yourself with positive people in your life to make you happy and cut the negative people out of your life, so you do not have that negativity in your

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