Positive Reinforcement In Classroom Management

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Positive reinforcement is the result of behavior that increases the probability that the behavior will reoccur. Positive reinforcement is very common and is likely to occur in everyone’s daily life, from infants to adults. We all experience positive reinforcement and get rewarded for it and these rewards increase the chance that we’ll keep up the positive behaviors.
According to edutopa.org, educators believe that the way to effective disciple is by building a relationship with that person instead of punishing them. I agree with this theory and also there are other ways to maintain a positive classroom management, such as: setting the classroom rules at the beginning of each lesson, checks in with all the students to make sure they’re ready, maintaining the student’s dignity, and also treating them equally with fairness. I think that patience is an important part of maintaining a positive classroom management, as long as the teacher is patient with herself and her students, she won’t have trouble earning their love, respect and trust.
Some people deal with negative behaviors using punishment that temporarily lasts. Although, punishment works with most students, it’s also ineffective for students with chronic behavioral difficulties. However, if we treat all children equally and be patient with ourselves and them, then maintaining a positive classroom management will be easy.

Attendance: The students have a morning routine, from the moment they go through

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