Positive Reinforcement

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The Use of Positive Reinforcement To increase the overall behavior of students, positive reinforcement is a motivating technique to be used in a classroom. Positive reinforcement is a gentle and effective method to implement discipline in the classroom, where students understand the importance of good behavior, and as an outcome students behave well (S, 2016). According to Charlie S (2016), positive reinforcement has been seen to be a more viable procedure than punishment. Actually, it can make children to concentrate on the positives and encouraging them is a valuable approach to guarantee good behavior. Mather and Goldstein (2015) stated that behaviors can retained or changed with appropriate outcome. Teachers can use the procedure defined by them to accomplish students’ behavior using the following outcomes. The very first step is to describe the problem. The second step is to adjust the behavior by implementing a behavior management strategy. The third step is to recognize an effective reinforcement and the last step is to use the reinforcement on a regular basis in order to change the behavior. Teachers most of the time emphasis on misbehavior rather than decreasing that behavior in the classroom, according to Mather and Goldstein (2015). They advised that the technique used to change the behavior do not fail but they are applied inadequately which can lead to less than preferred results. According to Mather and Goldstein (2015), reinforcement and punishment
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