Positive Role Model: Personal Work Planning And Organization

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Q1. How do you serve as a positive role model in the workplace through your personal work planning and organisation?
A positive role model are the values we admire most in people. We can serve as a positive work model through planning and organisation by being good communicators. Working as a team member rather than an individual. Using computers to set appointments and priorities and having good time management,
Good Time management can be achieved by understanding how time is spent each day? Making work schedules (to-do-list).Keep track of your to-do-list, defining the workload, prioritizing tasks in order of deadlines, complete the worst task first and those with looming deadlines. Keep a work log. Find out how much time is spent on tasks
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Some examples are they may have work difficulties, Relationship difficulties, being too busy, and no time for children and family. Have trouble thinking clearly, Memory problems unable to concentrate Low attention span, Poor judgement Anxious or racing thoughts, Constant worrying and get easily upset or hurt, Irritability or short temper and constantly agitated, unable to relax or keep still, Feel overwhelmed, have a sense of loneliness and isolation, depression or general unhappiness physically they may have Tightness in muscles Aches and pains, Headaches, trembling, sweating, Nausea, dizziness Chest pain, rapid heartbeat. Loss of appetite, lack of sleep, dreams, nightmares Eating more or less, Sleeping too much or too little, Isolating yourself from others Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities, Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax, Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing).external (where outside forces act on us) internal (self-generated, we have some control over it).Internal causes of stress (self-generated Inability to accept uncertainty Doubt, Negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, Lack of assertiveness. In order to have the appropriate Work-life we need to adjust our day-to-day activities to achieve a sense of balance between work life…show more content…
.Explain what 360-feedback is, and what benefits this can have on your professional development?
The 360-feedback is the key to improving quality and effectiveness of performance management today, it is a system where by an employees receive anonymous, confidential feedback from 8-12 people with whom they work with or answer to. This includes their manager, peers and direct reports answering online questions ranging from behaviours, work to competencies. The employee also fills in a self-rating questionnaire.(Nowak, K. 2015)
If done properly it is a development tool, and gives the appraise insight into how they are perceived by others and gives them an opportunity to adjust behaviours and develop skills that enables them to excel in their job by identifying strengths, and clarifying factors that may stop their opportunities(Nowak, K. 2015).
Q6.What business technology and work methods do you or could you use to help organise and priortise you task and work

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