Positive Self-Talk Impact On Personality

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Self Talk has a great impact on personality. It is basically inner voice of an individual which means that no need to say out loud. Sometimes self talk happens without realizing and it can be running commentary going on in the mind. Self talk determines that how you feel about yourself. It can be positive or negative and can have different effects on personality. Positive self talk is an optimistic voice that always looks at the bright side. It offers multiple health benefits and also increased life span and immunity. One of the ways to recognize and promote positivity by intentionally fills their own mind with positive self talk. It is not a self deception. Positive self talk brings out positive aspect from the negative situation. Through positive self talk, a person may feel more confident while negative self talk hinder one’s potential and focus on accomplishing feat with flying colors. Depressed people often exhibit physical symptoms such as sleeplessness and eating disorders but positive self talk can turn around.
According to the American Heart association, positive self talk can control stress. It gradually lowers the risk of suffering from heart problems. Research shows that those who have positive outlooks in life demonstrated lower risk for mortality at least for next five years (Rachael Rettner, 2013). As essential part of sports psychology can help athletes to reduce their anxieties (James Hardy, Craig R. Hall & Mike R. Alexander, 2010). Health benefits that

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