Positive Statement Of Mechanical Engineering

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It has been, since I got to know myself, a wish, dream and purpose in my life to help people and elevate their lives. We are here, we come here, and we stay here for a reason; and I strongly believe in my heart of hearts that reason is nothing but making a positive change in the life of the universe, not just humans. We have to help people enjoy the opportunities of happiness they have, bring smile on their lips, take the burden off one’s shoulder, treat pains, and open up their mind so they can live happily, comfortably, and at more peace. That is my dream, and I have been doing anything to make it come true. As an academic, I have found during my years of study, fields which are in close contact with people and their lives and are thus more relative to what I want from my life.
After graduation from National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) high school in 2008, I took part in the undergraduate university entrance exam and was accepted with a very high rank (442 out of 300,000) to study Mechanical Engineering at University of Tehran, one of the best universities in Iran. During my B.Sc., I was searching for a practical, actual application of Mechanical Engineering to help humankind. One of the positive points of top universities in Iran is having General Mechanical Engineering instead of Mechanical Engineering with specific and separate fields, which makes you able to pass courses from any field of the broad field of engineering regarding your own

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