Positive Stereotypes Are Hurtful Too

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In “Positive Stereotypes Are Hurtful, Too” Hailey Yook explains stereotype is a belief or idea that people think, it can be positive or negative meaning. In this story talk about “You’re so Asian.” People think all Asians are smart. That is the positive stereotype. But on the other hand, it can make pressure and pain on people who are stereotypes. In this case, when people expect someone because of their race. When they can get an achievement, people see that because they have good genes. That means good genes can make successful without efforts. While if they cannot do it well that can make people disappointment and insult on them, which makes many stress and shame. Positive stereotype, it sounds like a good thing, but actually it 's a kind…show more content…
When I read “Positive Stereotypes Are Hurtful, Too”, that makes me think about a story that has been heard for a long time. That story talks about fish family, they have a son. They sent their son to the animal school. The son has a lot of classmates such as monkeys, cheetahs, birds, etc. Fish parents are an expectation on their son because a son was moved to many schools because of lack of potential. The first day of class is a test of student potential. It is divided into two subjects with a tree climbing and running subjects, the result is fish that fail on both subjects. That makes the teacher and his classmates mock him and makes him very humiliating. When he returned home, his parents were so angry that he could not do the same as his classmates, so he was very upset and hurt. This story is like expecting parents in their children. They want their children to be in their expectation, which forgets that each child is interested and have different aptitudes. Fish cannot climb trees as well as monkeys and cannot run fast like cheetah. Of course, if there is a swimming test, the fish will not lose anyone. As with children, if they have done something they need or interesting, he will do it well. Parents should encourage them to do their own thing and warn when they do something wrong. Let them choose their own lives without shoulders too much expectations. They are self-contained and have the freedom to
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