Essay On Positivity

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According to the Nurses ' Health Study detailed by the Harvard Gazette, optimism and positive thinking can have healing benefits against the diseases analyzed in the aforementioned study. In the study, the top quartile of women with high optimism had almost a thirty percent lower risk of passing away due to the studied diseases compared to the most pessimistic women. Nowadays, positivity has become, in the eyes of many, a sign of arrogance. If someone hears another person feel good about a difficult test they have just taken or after a tough choice they have just made, many will tend to associate the other 's positivity with straight-up arrogance, due to their feeling of inferiority. Although humbleness is a very important characteristic for…show more content…
We are never frightened at a sunset." As MacDonald asks, why do we fear death? Fear has become such a daily part of everyone 's lives with people becoming afraid of propositions previously considered as having no need to be feared. Although many of these have good reasons to be feared for health and safety reasons, certain abstract concepts that have absolutely no long-term consequences whatsoever have become the biggest fears of human beings throughout the world, including myself. Phobia of being rejected or frowned upon or ridiculed for being different has consumed the emotional insides of the current generation and will continue on to future generations unless major social changes occur. However, I am committed to destroying fear and eliminating it from my current life, since it has held me back for so long in multiple life aspects. The thought of sharing my nation of origin with my friends used to be a huge mountain for me to climb since I feared a negative response or probing questions. Raising my hand when I was unsure about something in class was my Kryptonite as I feared the question, "Aren 't you one of the smart kids?" from other classmates. On the soccer pitch, I always passed off the ball in the crucial moment in front of goal due to my fear of making a mistake. I understand that fear cannot be fixed with the snap of a finger. However, I will ensure that
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