Positive Uses Of Social Media

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As we grow and develop as individuals, so do our surrounding that shape us. Over the years, the evolution of technology has introduced us to new methods of gaining information. Before social media became widely known and used, came traditional media which consisted of reporter control that limited what kind of news was allowed for public viewing potentially having the news become less diverse. This then introduces New Media, which is composed of digital interactive platforms that provide similar information as traditional media but in a different method. Nowadays social media has become the most common methods for people worldwide receive their information while also creating an impact on their community. But does social media create a positive or negative impact on our society? With the use of social media being a common tool nowadays, information can easily be altered to convey a certain audience, give false information, and possibly cause controversy. Although the use of social media can manipulate information by giving false knowledge to the public, it creates a positive impact in society by serving as a digital interactive platform for political, educational, and social purposes.
One of the many purposes of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is the ability to communicate with fellow peers, family, and others who share a common interest regardless of location. The benefit of these online platforms being international allows people worldwide
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