Positive Value Of Education

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Education is one of the primary needs in human life. It helps people to earn respect from the others, gain knowledge about different things and enlarge their view over the world. Every child should be given the oppurtunity to learn and study for their personal, mental, physical, spiritual and social development. For xample in the school or inside the classroom there are such activities which helps or improves personal and mental development through having individual activities and practices. In physical development there are different kinds of motivation before the class starts, selling only nutritious food inside the school canteen, having sports competition or the so called sports fest set in specific month and health check-up to monitor and maintain the students health, in spiritual development there are always good moral with in the lesson that is being discussed by the teacher, having religion and values subject, and of course for social development it is also being improve inside the school or inside the classroom by socializing with the other students by that they start to have and make friends. All of those will help them lessen their fear in studying and encourage them to develop their self confidence, let them grow and be matured through real life experinces.
Education truly have a positive effect to human life, because through it people become more useful and helpful for our society on the whole if better educated. And for it provides man an access not only to

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