Positive Values And Role Models: My Role Model

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We instinctively admire the people who inspire us. Sometimes we espouse these people as role models, adopting their behavior and attitude, for we see in them the potential us. We may even worship them, seeing them as God-like. And it’s true: the right mentors can really bring out the best in us and awaken our dormant capabilities. When I look around I notice that, more often than not, we select celebrities as our role models, particularly persons in the field of entertainment¬¬, including music, sports, and movies. This is not a bad thing; after all, these persons are highly talented and may be living their life’s purpose, thereby setting an example for us. Cheers to them! I have a concern, though; a huge one, actually. A role model should represent something more meaningful than merely social image, beauty, wealth, popularity, and celebrity status. Now, nothing is wrong with these; I crave some of them myself! But you should know that there are more significant qualities like powerful core values, a deep level of spirituality, and a contribution to mankind, all of which matter so much more. An exemplar must be one who has sound principles and has earned respect, is humble, dignified, diligent and honest, ‘has a heart,’ and focused on giving rather than on receiving. These are the…show more content…
Above all, I admire those loved ones who are so caring, kind, patient, supportive and beautiful from within. Most celebrities (again, not all; I need to be politically correct here), particularly in the entertainment industry, offer me nothing of great substance. And wow, what ego some tend to have, thinking themselves superior to others and even greater than God! Listen, we ALL are equally important, special and

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