Positive Values In Education

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Like the emerald coloured, young wave in a small, muddy pond, children live in a world that revolves solely around them. They are generally spoiled rotten and born with self-entitlement. As they grow up, they become self-centred and individualistic as depicted by the closed door of an old-fashioned, tiny farmhouse. By putting their own needs well before others and only care about themselves, they show no appreciation to others. Sea creatures resting comfortably on the bridges, high and dry represents children are being served by their parents since young. Unlike their parents, children nowadays do not have to suffer hardships. They take comfort in enjoying the fruit of their parents’ work, without having to earn it. As time passes by, children…show more content…
Children write or draw a quick picture of the things they feel thankful for. Then, teachers can have children to review their journals periodically for patterns of things that bring them joy and share with their classmates. It helps them to focus on simple yet positive things in life and expand the everyday occurrences for which they feel a sense of gratitude. MOE should foster partnerships with schools and teachers to integrate and reinforce values in the education system, tailoring to the needs of children. One of the most effective ways of education reforms is to include moral education as part of the entire curriculum. The syllabus and teaching materials have to be updated every three years to be more applicable to children’s lives to help them better internalise the values being taught. The newly reformed education system should let children grow and realise their aptitude rather than stream them according to fixed guidelines. In this case, children must be informed for the reasons of going for community service trips. It must not be made compulsory or obligatory for children. In order for them to realise the meaning of gratitude, it needs to be sincerely voluntary from them as an initiative to contribute and return kindness to the

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