Positives And Disadvantages Of Immigration In The United States

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In today’s globalised era, immigration has become a mode of travelling to enjoy faraway places in cheap rates. Due to cheap rates of flights and the search of higher living standard has encouraged people to immigrate. Immigration is a one way flow of people to move in another country. Immigration is a term where people immigrate to another country in the belief of getting outstanding facilities, higher education and for the betterment of their own. Poverty among undeveloped nations has constraint people to immigrate and find new shelter for family to live on. In this way people have the great chance to come upon from poverty and starvation. However, natural disasters have also forced people immigrate to another country. Riots based on politics and religions have also turned the minds of millions to immigrate. Immigration comes along with population and opportunities for countries and individuals at the same time. Therefore, it puts both positive and negative effects on individuals as well as on countries, in following paragraphs, so let’s discuss all the positives and negatives of immigration for both sides. Various positives a aspects are found for countries like revenue, cheap labour, skilled and motivated workforce, etc. One of the major advantages is likely the revenue from provided services. According to Kerr and Kerr (2011), Immigrants contribute to enhance the GDP growth rate known as “immigration surplus method “. Accommodation process gives the huge revenue to
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