Positives And Negatives Of Globalization

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Globalization is a phenomenon quite familiar to people in domain of this era. It has been enviably captivated globally and thus so, is the case with Pakistan. It distributes and shares World’s production, reforms the economy and productivity of different countries and entwine many advantages as well as many setbacks. We are well aware that internet is a powerful mean for us to associate with outer world, but its growth can be harmful for society in the aspects of ethics and morals if we use it for bad intentions. Economically, while it is rightly said that Globalization encourages free trade among countries, there are also many negative consequences. Many under-developed countries have to accept globalization to let the foreign business inventors from developed countries to gain advantage of the lower wage rate and their natural resources. Under-developed countries are mainly working at exporting agricultural goods, but developed countries often subsidize their farmers, resulting in the inequality of trade. Youth is the main and active point of any country and another bad effect of globalization is on the children who are more vulnerable and innocent than adults. The impact is very crucial, as internet is very eye-captivating and usually takes most attention among teenagers. A huge amount of illegal content can be easily found on the internet. Pornography, along with the availability of abrasive characters and negative role models through vulgar and obscene programd, also
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