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Social media is used by billions of people around the world. People use various social media platforms every day for hours at a time. Others may use social media once or twice and then abandon his or her account. Social media users use their accounts for a plethora of reasons; from wishing a friend or relative a happy birthday to stating their political or religious beliefs and everything in between. Many scientific studies have been conducted and say social media is not an effective way of communicating with others. Even though there are constantly arguments about whether or not social media offers positive or negative benefits, ultimately social media platforms offer significant positives in regards to receiving and sharing information,…show more content…
In fact, a substantial amount of Americans gets their news from a social media sight. On the website pewresarch.org, Elizabeth Grieco states, "About a quarter of all U.S. adults (26%) get news from two or more social media sites, up from 15% in 2013 and 18% in 2016(Grieco)." The statistics from Greico show a fourth of the country get their daily news feed from a social media source. The article shows that a large number of the American people prefer this new format. This furthers the point that social media platforms are a great place to receive information. An advantage that someone who gets their news via social media as opposed to television is as follows. A person who receives their daily news from a social media account might not have the time to sit down and watch the news for forty-five minutes in the morning before beginning their work day. However, that person may get updates and notifications to his or her social media account about the main stories being broadcasted on that day. Perhaps the individual does not have the time to read the entire article, but has the time to read the headline and get a quick summary. This helps the reader be able to become aware about what is going on in the world and not force them to waste valuable time throughout their…show more content…
Social media platforms like YouTube and Pinterest can give people visuals and insights as to how to solve a problem. YouTube in particular has billions of videos to choose from. Of these videos, there are millions of videos dedicated to problem solving. Almost every installation and manual labor issue that could possibly occur can be found on YouTube. Along with these issues there are often multiple solutions that are shown to the viewer from multiple sources. YouTube also has channels dedicated to help out students with standardized testing and other academic related material. YouTube, while being a social media most people think of as a place to only watch funny videos, can actually be a very instructional social media platform. In conclusion, social media offers such a variety of positive features and the ability to receive these benefits instantaneously is just the cherry on top. Social media continues to allow people to stay up to date with the world news, family news, and someone's favorite celebrity. The perks of social media are not just limited to updates on statuses. One can learn valuable academic skills and trades through videos posted on various social media platforms. Social media is a fantastic way to become knowledgeable of infinite information and for that reason social media is

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