Positivism And Objectivism

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The concept of Positivism is directly associated with the idea of objectivism. In this kind of philosophical approach, scientists give their viewpoint to evaluate social world with the help of objectivity in place of subjectivity (Cooper and Schindler 2006). According to this paradigm, researchers are interested to collect general information and data from a large social sample instead of focusing details of research. According to this position, researcher’s own beliefs have no value to influence the research study. The positivism philosophical approach is mainly related with the observations and experiments to collect numeric data (Easter-by-Smith et al 2006).
4-2-3 Postpositivst:
The positivist assumptions have represented the traditional
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From the other hand the purpose of research is reflected in the type of conclusion the researcher aims to draw or the goals of the research (Blanche , Martin and others,2006). There are basically three types of research purpose; Exploratory, Descriptive and Explanatory.
4-3-1 Exploratory research
This research is one of the important methods of conducting research studies. Researcher always give proper attention to this research type in order to find out the answer to their research question. This research type is beneficial for conducting the research study because the main objective of this research type is to collect maximum information related to specific problem. This research type is selected for uncommon problems or when the available information is not very reliable and absolute. This technique is most suitable for conducting interviews, (Wen, P., and others, 2009).
4-3-2 Descriptive
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(Blanche , Martin and others,2006). It’s also seeks to account for patterns in observed social phenomena, attitudes, behaviour, social relationships, social processes, or social structures. Explanation is making intelligible the events or regularities that have been observed and which cannot be accounted for by existing theories. Explanations eliminate puzzles and provide intellectual satisfaction. To explain some phenomenon is to give an account of why it behaves in a particular way or why particular regularities occur. Detailed description can provide the beginnings of the explanation. Explanatory research can be qualitative and quantitative research. Normally in quantitative research, hypothetic-deductive theories come out from this type of research design, (Norman Blaikie, 2010)

4-3-4 Justification of selecting Descriptive and Explanatory
This dissertation conducted based on descriptive and explanatory research purpose, since the researcher pursue to deepening the understanding of the topic in the study, through reviewing related literature, describing the variables of the study, testing hypotheses, and analysing data for describing the relationship between working capital investment policy and abnormal return via control variables.
In the strategic management research, testing hypotheses, going beyond the nature of the relationship between variables and asses its significance to the direction sign

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