Positivity In Teenagers

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The Benefits of Positivity In Teenagers

People who are optimistic see the bright side of things. They don 't grouse because of what they don 't have but instead, tend to appreciate what they do have. People who are not positive worry about the wrong things that can happen, when in fact nothing as even happened. Teenagers may worry about how to juggle between work, school, keeping healthy and having a social life. Teenagers are in fact obligated to make life changing decisions every day. On average, a 14 to16 year old teenager in Belize has to decide what field of study they want to venture into. What a young age for someone to decide what they want to do for the rest of their life. An alarming weight and pressure for teenagers. Other
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Pursing this further, being positive can actually boost your productivity to another level. Some people are motivated by money and others are driven by power, it 's what makes someone happy that motivates them. Positivity is the ultimate factor that motivates everyone and this is because positivity leads to happiness; happy people that are less stressed and can focus on improving things and being more productive. So, positivity is like an incentive and if teenagers are boosted with positivity then they will be more effective and efficient. They will be confident enough to set big goals and do their best to achieve them. A positive teenager is more than likely equipped to battle stress and in exchange is more likely to produce better grades. Getting good grades augments the chances of getting scholarships; a sound education is one of the best ways to enhance production in a country. That is a macroeconomic view, but on another note, teenagers will be able to get through their daily activities with ease. Tedious routines of walking from class to class, doing assignments and working on projects will seem less of a burden, or in other words, positivity will help them see these tasks as less of a burden. A positive teenager can also be productive by learning new things like how to play a sport or an instrument. Teenagers that have to work will also be more productive in their jobs. It all goes back to the thought that they will be motivated by buoyant thoughts and happiness instead of being dragged my negative
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