Posky Research Paper

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In the future city of Seattle Washington lived a fifteen year old boy named Ponky. Ponky was a Spanish boy always had a dirty look even though everybody in the town liked him. He always wore cargo shorts and a tank top with his gang’s bandana on his head. Ponky lived with his brother and gang in a house that they bought together with money that they stole from the city or that they earned at work, which was robbing or theft. Ponky lived in the poor side of the city or basically in a town with small brick buildings and trash all over the streets it was basically home of the criminals or the no good people, as said by the mayor that started the whole poor criminals on one side and the rich people on the other. The side was called the secton.…show more content…
He got keys to get back into the penthouse and open the vault that the mayor had been looking all that time. It was full of billions of dollars and with only one hundred million dollars of it he secton became part of the city and all the people there got jobs, the kids actually went to school, and also all the criminals were put in jail. The city was all good and everybody was happy like before. While cleaning up the house Ponky found this device that would track Ponky his brother and his mom and dad. They used this whenever they would go on trips because Ponky and his brother would always get lost. What was weird was that there was only two there and when he turned it on he saw that his mom and dad were somewhere far in Florida but they were moving. Ponky was shocked his parents might still be alive, but it was impossible his parents had gotten shot b the mayor right in front of Ponky. That is when it hit Ponky that the device had a FaceTime feature so they could call each other. Ponky called his mom and he taught of all the things he would tell his mom if she answered. When she answered it was actually her and she was actually alive, Ponky was shocked his mom and dad were still
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