Possible Conflicts Of Characters In Homer's Odyssey '

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Jel arindal Ms Donahue 4/28/2017 Freshman english honors During the first two letters of mary shelley 's frankenstein mary shelley makes important character inferences. Includes setting , provides information about possible conflicts. Durring the Letters robert walton is gathering a crew and working hard to travel to a different place. In the letters it states that “ i voluntarily endured cold, famine thirst and want of sleep; I often worked harder than the common sailors during the day and devoted my nights to the study of mathematics,” what this quote shows is that he is willing to go through all this harmful stuff so he could go and live his dream. To add on he says “ if i fail you will see me again soon,or never” This quote shows that he knows he might die because of the voyage, but he is going to do it anyways because that is his dream which makes him a very humble person. Mrs saville is a very kind hearted person based of the words of robert walton. She is kind hearted because she is always worrying about her brother. Robert walton states that “ you will rejoice to hear that no disaster has accompanied the commencement of an enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forebodings . what this means is…show more content…
There are many possible conflicts that might happen throughout the novel . one conflict that i think that will happen is that robert walton might have to deal with depression which is a man vs man conflict . He explains how he desperately needs a friend to talk to during his voyage and how he has no one near him. This will lead to an internal conflict, robert vs himself. Another possible conflict is that robert walton can get lost in the ocean which is a external man vs nature and its internal conflict .This likely to happen because he states that he is going to travel to unexplored regions of frost and snow , and when you 're in regions of snow is very easy to get lost since there is no technology to find where you
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