Modern Day Slavery Problem

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Slavery has been a problem that has lingered around since the beginning of time. Using other humans in inhumane ways for one's own benefit. Today alone, approximately 48 million people are enslaved, 7.5 million of them are children. Equally important, there are many topic points about slavery that need to be addressed for people's knowledge. These points include the problem with modern day slavery, why slavery continues, and how the world's ignorance about modern forms of slavery like human trafficking, human commodities, and forced labour is why slavery continues and is not yet stopped. To begin with, the problem of modern day slavery is more than that people might think it is. Considering the fact that America has created the thirteenth amendment and have ¨abolished” slavery, it…show more content…
However, there are many possible solutions that are only a few clicks away. For instance, there is an excess amount of websites and methods to donate money to nullify and eradicate slavery such as Free the Websites like Free the are quick and uncomplicated. Donating money can rapidly decrease the amount of people enslaved because the money donated is used to search for companies that are exploiting humans against their will. In addition, another superlative machination to abolish slavery is by advocating and teaching the ignorant about the problem. After the Thirteenth Amendment, most Americans have now generated the consensus that slavery no longer exists and is now in the past. Furthermore, if more people knew the truth about the neoteric forms of slavery, the people could slowly end slavery. A statement recently released by states,¨Slavery reparations could cost up to 14 trillion dollars...¨(Main). If every person in the world would donate two thousand dollars over a year, or five dollars a day, then slavery could be
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