Post-Apocalyptic Genre In The Scarlet Plague And Road Warrior

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The post-apocalyptic genre is part of the science fiction category. It doesn’t take place in historical possibilities, it instead takes place after a globally destructive world. This world requires some kind of global catastrophe, such as a nuclear war, zombies, or even diseases that would plague the world only to leave few survivors that are immune to it. The post-apocalyptic world would be at it’s continued crumbled state, for example George Miller’s 1981 film, Road Warrior. The the world of Road Warrior, takes place after a nuclear war. In the movie, it shows that there are certain tribes and democracy that goes on, even when the world is no longer like what it was before. The main character of the movie, Max would have to find a way for him to keep on moving and adjusting his life to the post-apocalyptic world that he is now currently living in. Another example would be the book The Scarlet Plague by Jack London. In this post-apocalyptic story, many people would catch a disease known as the scarlet plague. The first signs of the disease is that it would turn a person’s face scarlet, followed by some…show more content…
The global catastrophe could be set around twenty years later or even a hundred years later. Even when humanity seems like it’s completely gone over the years, there are still some memories of how the world used to be. It could be a hundred years later and the statue of Lady Liberty is still standing, yet in the future when a new society come along, they wouldn’t understand the meaning and symbolism behind it. To them, it would just simply be a giant green rock of a person wearing a crown holding a torch for no reason. To them, there wouldn’t be any meaning behind the statue at all. If it was around twenty years later, there’s a chance that the old remaining society understand Lady Liberty’s symbol and they could explain it to the new society that is just starting

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