Post-Apocalyptic Journey In Aaron Lewis The Road

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"The Road" by Aaron Lewis is all about someone with a destination, but one that 's only temporary. He 's on the run, hiding and running from the police. He talks about having to keep going as well.

"The Road" by Asking Alexandria is about wanting to go back to the regular lifestyle, and in the song, they use the words, "Is this the end?" repetitively. Asking Alexandria also talks about "empty faces staring", people who lost touch of who they are.

In The Road by Aaron Lewis, Cormac McCarthy tells us of a post-apocalyptic journey of a boy and his father, and they 're constantly on the move. They don 't know what awaits them, but the father knows that they just have to keep going and persevere, and that "the boy was all that stood between him
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