Post Civil War Summary

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David White describes the history of the United States Military during a period post-Civil war from 1865-1898. He describes this era in a manner that described the chronological order of conflict, demobilization, and innovative growth of the U.S. Military. White describes in detail the utilization of these new technologies and weapon systems, and in his words the “professional introspection” of the U.S. Military.
White captured the innovations during the civil war with quantitative data. I felt that White could have expanded his discussion further into the post-civil war innovations. Would have liked deeper discussion on the use of communications, telegraphy, and the inception of the telephone.
Railroads during and post-civil war
White wrote
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During the civil war Hot air balloons were used to conduct aerial reconnaissance (Civil War Trust, n.d.).
1. Gave field commanders ability to see several mile of battle field.
2. Used by North & South; the north were more organized.
3. Signals were sent to the Soldiers on the ground via telegraph and signal flags. References
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