Post Colonial Rule In Canada

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Canada is considered a relatively peaceful country that has little conflict with foreign countries world wide. Although Canada has peaceful foreign relations, its biggest conflicts come internally with the Aboriginal population. The Aboriginal people of Canada were the first people to reside in Canada, but as European settlers arrived they were quickly pushed off of their lands. Aboriginal people have had constant conflict with the colonizing population ever since white European settlers colonized Canada. Many Canadian citizens are unaware of the atrocities that were committed against Aboriginal people by these European settlers. There have been constant disputes over land privileges and the discrimination that Aboriginal people have faced since colonization which has suppressed many of their rights and traditions and has led them to many problems in the Aboriginal community.…show more content…
The actions imposed by white European settlers are why many of Canada’s Aboriginal population are affected by numerous social issues like poverty, increased violence and incarceration among the Aboriginal population and has resulted in many conflicts that exist today between the Canadian government and the Aboriginal
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