Post Colonialism Analysis

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The main and central objective of this dissertation is an effort to evaluate the post colonial thematic preoccupations in the African society and literature. It is an analysis of post colonial thematic preoccupations in the literary work ‘Arrow of God’ by Chinua Achebe and ‘Cry – The Beloved Country’ by Alan Paton. Both novelists have tried to depict the realistic condition of native African colonized people. Imperialism is a kind of aspect in which one country is trying to seek in expanding its power and authority by conquering other countries or by setting up economic and political dominance on the countries. Imperialism starts when one country or nation takes over smaller countries for their land and natural resources. Imperialism has…show more content…
The European colonies have played an important role in moulding the African social, economic and cultural existence. Imperialism is considered as the source of colonization and post colonialism in the history of the African nations. Imperialism emerges out as a strong hold in most the colonized nations before Europeans has come to the colonized countries. Imperialism, Colonialism and Post colonialism are the most frequently used terminology of the last centuries. The task of the writers is to present the realistic approach of the ruler and exploitation of the native black African…show more content…
In the old imperialism European countries have already established colonies in India, South Africa, and the East Indies and have got a strong hold on their regions. Great Britain has been the leading colonial power with colonies in India, South Africa and Australia. Spain has got a strong hold in South America. France has colonized Louisiana and French Guinea and Holland have built an empire in the East Indies. Africa is considered as the ‘Dark Continent’ and gone unknown to the outside world. Its interior elements like desert, mountains, plateaus and forests have discouraged exploration and development. Britain’s occupation of Egypt and Belgium’s penetration of the Congo have started the race for colonial possessions in Africa. The Suez Canal is important because it has shortened the route from Europe to South and East Asia. Britain has set up a protectorate over Egypt but is really controlled by Great Britain. The British occupation of Egypt is the richest and most developed land in Africa, set off “African Fover” in Europe. To confirm its control and stability in the area, Great Britain has extended its control over the Sudan also. The French Empire in Africa is as large as the continental United States. France has conquered Algeria in North Africa. From 1881 to 1912 France has acquired Tunisia, Morocco, West Africa and Equatorial Africa. The Great Britain has got a

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