Post Colonialism In Literature

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To identify the uniqueness and generosity of a particular work of art, a scholar needs the aid of literary theory since it lays down certain principles of literature which describe the features and forms that make up the literary work. Post colonial writings reflect the socio symbolic dimensions of the changed culture. In general, Post colonial writing refers to the literature written after the end of colonial rule or the enforced mass migrations of the slave trade because of the impact of colonialism upon indigenous societies. Some critics feel that post colonialism is used both as literal description of colonial societies as well as the global condition after colonialism. Whatever it may be, it helps in the analysis of certain crucial aspects of human life like journeying, loss, the search for identity, the arrival of the stranger, the global conditions and eventually the role of the intellectuals of the third world. According to Post colonialism every nation has been colonized at some point of time or other. Even England itself is a post colonial nation having been conquered by Romans and Normans. In fact colonialism has ransacked the history, culture and the political socio- economic matrix of the colonized nations. Post colonialism represents an attitude to resist colonialism so as to reclaim an autonomous and free identity. It discusses many problems related to the hybridization of culture, universalism, language, cross-cultural recovery and suppression of
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