Post Colonialism In Mulan

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For a movie to be successful, a fight must be had between good and evil. As they were introduced, the Huns are the force of evil in the Disney 's rendition of the Ballad of Mulan and the Chinese people, especially Mulan herself, are the heroes that try to stop theeir enemies and save their country. The differences between both of the parties are shown very clearly, to create a straight cut between good and bad, thereby imposing on the children the importance of choosing the right side, the one that will surely win. As much as Huns are demonized in the cartoon, the Chinese people are made more American that Asian. The decision to make the Chinese more familiar to the people of America and Europe, towards whom the Disney 's movies were majorly directed, was also linked with the notion of post-colonialism. The 'Disney Renaissance ' are the years from 1989 to 1999 during which Walt Disney Animation Studios produced and released ten incredibly successful animated films, among them Mulan in 1998, as the one before the last movie made in that period of time. The cartoons were based on well-known stories, but touched a multitude of…show more content…
The unfamiliarity of the cartoons in the 'Disney Renaissance” would be much more enhanced if not for the inaccuracies that the workers of Walt Disney Animation Studios have woven into the movies. This kind of approach is clearly visible in Mulan. The first that comes to mid are the demonized forms of Huns, as evil entities. On the other side of the fight are the Chinese people, portrayed as the good forces, the victims of the attack, who try to mobilize army big enough to defeat the swarm of the opposing soldiers. What causes the confict are the features of the Chinese soldiers. Already in the first minutes of the movie the audience can see that the characters do not look entirely Asian, as they should. The most prominent difference baeing the colour of their skin in a darker shade of colour that we came to associate with
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