Post Colonial Literature Essay

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colonial writings. They state that literature make by the fact that the writers of post- colonialism “emerged in their present form act of the experience of colonization and asserted themselves by foregrounding the tension with the imperial power, and by emphasizing their difference from the assumptions of the imperial centre”. Post- colonial texts present syncretism, disruption and poly-glossy within the colonial itself. The post- colonial writers declare, “South African writing clearly demonstrates that political impetus of the post- colonial begins well before the moment of independence”. The writers of The Empire Writes Back propose the theory of post-colonial literature but frequently their propose reject at most level. These factors…show more content…
It bases on the definition of post- colonialism. It does not describe the full variety of literature produce in languages and literary traditions than the English. Because of its roots and initial stage starts in English. Their account speaks that there is South African language has limit on their writings in written literature. It describes as obscure language and literatures in South Africa. It argues that the White English literature of South Africa can compare with settlers colonies like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. These countries and their writings present to the literature. While the Black English literature in South Africa can compare to the literature of other African countries. It reveals nostalgia for the apartheid system. It visualizes binary divisions between black and white. From this it becomes clear that a variety of “historically nuanced theories and strategies”. It has a development to describe the specific position of Afrikaans literature in the context of post- colonialism. Recent it takes steps to describe the history of the white supremacy and racism in South Africa draw attention to the fact that its complex origin found in the long drawn out process of colonization first by the Dutch and then British, the subjection of different peoples in enslavement of black people (Warden 1994). After 1945 with the rise of the independence movements, colonial territories decline British colonies in Africa, Asia, and America. In South Africa, the apartheid governments press their foot strongly and come into power with the help of Nationalist Party in
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