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Post Conflict Reconstruction in Rwanda In the case of Rwanda, it began with the signing of the Arusha agreement in 1994 which did not mark the end of the conflict in Rwanda. The State still continued to face stagnating conflicts within and outside its own boarders. The conflict spread to Rwanda’s neighboring States and immediate action needed to be taken. The post crisis period left Rwanda with a lot to deal especially after the following results of the Genocide attack; 12% of the entire population was wiped out, the majority of the population that remained were left with physical and mental traumas to deal with, women were infected with HIV/AIDS as a result of rape cases and majority of the children were also mentally affected as they witnessed the entire carnage. Not to mention that infrastructure was destroyed and the entire population relied on relief or donated basic needs.
Rwanda needed more than just a reconstruction policy to rebuild. Rwanda saw the need to focus on the following issues so as to ensure total post conflict reconstruction and development; concentrate on ensuring both internal and external security, proper practice of democracy where there was responsible governance and
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Both the conflicting parties; Hutus and Tutsis; should be involved in the disarmament process and all levels of policy formulation. The disarmament planning should involve gradual confidence building of the safety of Rwandan Citizens. Developing post disarmament mopping up mechanisms such as small arms voluntary collection or weapons for development programmes, to collect weapons that have not yet been surrendered. Lastly, to ensure that there is total destruction of the weapons or proper storage so that they don’t land into wrong

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