Post-Listening Skills

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A Comparative Study of the Effects of Pre-Listening and Post-Listening Tasks on Iranian EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension Skill
Narges Maarefi Mehr

1. Introduction
1.1. Preliminaries
Listening is regarded as the basic language skill in language learning. It should be considered as the most important activity which is improved and the most frequently employed skill in our lives. Listening is regarded as an activity which is used to solve many complex problems (Byrnes, 1984). As a matter of fact, listening comprehension is an integrative skill. It plays an important role in the process of language learning/acquisition; also it facilitates the emergence of other language skills. For these reasons, an awareness of effective listening comprehension
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Some of these activities are related to those carried out at pre- and while-listening work but some may not be related to them at all and show a totally independent part of the listening session. Post-listening activities allow the learners to reflect on the language from the text; on sound, grammar and vocabulary so the students have time to think, discuss or write (Rixon, 1986, p. 64- 97 and Underwood, 1989, p. 78). The post-listening stage is a place that the teacher can determine the degree of the students’ understanding about the material they have listened to, but designing the tasks in the best way is a very important issue. Post-listening activities are necessary because they extend learners’ listening skill. Well-planned post-listening activities offer opportunities to learners to connect what they have heard before to their own ideas. Also, they provide opportunities for teachers to evaluate and check learners’ comprehension, and clarify their understandings through extending comprehension beyond the literal level toward the interpretive and critical levels (Karakas,…show more content…
This study is designed to investigate as well as to compare the effectiveness of pre listening and post listening tasks on listening comprehension in an ESL context in Iran. In addition, this study seeks to find out whether there is any significant difference between these two experimental groups.
The results of the present study are expected to be of significance for the effectiveness of pre-listening and post-listening activities on the intermediate EFL students’ listening comprehension in Iran, since these tasks will facilitate the listening comprehension.
1.5. Research Questions and Hypothesis
Given the above points and the fact that pre- listening and post listening tasks are available for students, the present study has been intended to explore the effects of these tasks on listening comprehension in an intermediate EFL context in Iran particularly, this research is designed to address these following RQs:
RQ1: Do pre-listening tasks have any effect on Iranian EFL learners’ listening comprehension?
RQ2: Do post-listening tasks have any effect on Iranian EFL learners’ listening
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