Modern Vs Postmodernism

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Discuss the pre modern, modern, and postmodern views of reality with examples.
The pre modern view states that reality is what we see, for instance when you see an old woman. The reality is that she is an old female human being. The modern view is that human subjectivity will always be apart of everyday observation, every occurrence is subject to personal interpretation and comprehension by people. The post modern view, however, states that there is no objectivity in what we see; instead the reality lies in the images we obtain through our points of view. The old woman mentioned earlier is subject to different points of view which are all “true”.
What is science (or the scientific method of research)? Describe the traditional model of science.
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For instance measuring distance, the accuracy would refer to the satisfaction levels that using Meters, Kilometers among others will provide while precision entails the exact length of the strip in question. Reliability refers to entails that the same set of data is available each time observations of an event takes place while validity refers to a measure that reflects correctly the measure it should quantify. For instance, doing a test over and over and obtaining the same result means the test is reliable while the data obtained satisfies the questions that merited the tests undertaken.
Discuss the relationship between paradigm and theory with examples.
Theory refers to a systematic explanation to the observation deduced that directly relates to specific aspects of life while paradigm refers to systematic structure that dictates what we observe and how we see it. In essence, paradigm assists one during collection and observation of information while theory helps to analyze the meaning conveyed by the observations made. For instance, Ebola is a worldwide affliction for humanity; paradigm will set down frameworks that direct the study of the pandemic and how to combat it while theory will use previous information on the same to determine the best way to
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The pre-testing involves measuring a dependent variable while post-testing involves testing the variables after exposure to independent variables. Classical experiments has several strengths that include it possesses ease of replication; it embodies scientific rigor and isolation of the independent variable. Simultaneously it also exhibits several weaknesses that vary from artificiality to cost. The experiment takes place in controlled environment while in the real world the events occur in uncontrolled environment. The cost of experiments is another major weakness, assembling the necessary components that assure success of the experiment might be a costly
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