Post Modernism In 20th Century Design

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Post-modern design phases 20th century design
Post-modernist thought as a social and cultural movement, from the ideology and the impact of the various parties in various fields of society and even the whole world has changed people 's way of thinking and ideological values, and its extensive and profound influence, extend so far. Post-modernism have quick access to the information age in the post-industrial society based on Western industrial civilization is generated is the development of industrial society to post-industrial society of the inevitable outcome; At the same time, it is derived from years of modernism, Modernism in the reflection and criticism, the post-modernism and beyond gradually amended.

So what is postmodernism, what kinds
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Postmodernism is a human right rationalist modernism overemphasized, while the natural human emotion, history, preferences and emotional dependence off a gut reaction."

"Narrowly" postmodernism "refers to the 60 s and 70 s 20th century western design trend to develop in the direction of diversification of a new genre, can in the 1960 s as a watershed of modernism and postmodernism." During the period of modern socialist international style still occupy the mainstream position, then modernism began breeding from modernism, and gradually formed his own theory.

In summary, postmodernism has a significant impact on all areas of the world, and today I mainly discussed the impact of postmodernism on the design of the 20th century, then we will start with the design to the overall understanding the
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Streamlined originally is a technical term used to describe the surface is smooth, the object shape, smooth lines, this kind of shape can reduce the wind resistance coefficient of objects in high-speed motion. Streamline design in cars, trains, airplanes and ships, etc in the design of the vehicle is built on the basis of science and technology, but in the design of American designer it became a symbol of speed and time spirit of the modelling language and widely application, become a kind of aesthetic fashion, and permeate the German designer Bohr the Volkswagen 's design in the field of consumer goods, often deeply influenced their appearance modelling design, and become the 30 ~ 40 s of the 20th century 's most popular product style, many streamline design is its symbolism, and no functional meaning. In 1936 streamlined stapler designed by Heller, which is a pure form and pure symbolism of the product, its appearance looks like a clam shells, smooth shell covered the whole of the mechanical part, all through the outer button operation, here in the form of symbol rate to be used on the stationary objects, reflects its role as a powerful symbol of the fashion symbol. American streamlined style influence is not limited to the United States, which serves as a symbol of American culture, affecting the rest of the world through the media. German designer Porsche designed the Volkswagen brand cars resembling the Beatles, which is a small, inexpensive car suitable for highway, and
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