Post Racial Discrimination In America

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Imagine yourself today in our era, you see black and white peoples getting along, greeting each other, and not worrying about not be stereotype especially the blacks. This is what some people called “post- racial”, and some irrelevant people think were leaving in that magical place. But, actually……… WE DON’T. Just because, many racism problems were solved, doesn’t mean racism is entirely solve in America. Today, you can see that many discrimination towards African American peoples were not resolved because people realize, there was racism occurring in their society, but other societies might disagree. In the article, “No Such Place as ‘Post- Racial America”, by TOURE, describes how she begs the peoples of calling America ‘post racial’ because it is not. Race is…show more content…
Just because they stop being racist, that doesn’t mean they know what action they’re taking. Overall, in my opinion, I still think, we are not living in a post- racial society. In addition to, in our time we don’t live in a ‘post- racial’ society because of one main problem that occur in the candidates during the electoral period. One republican candidate named Donald Trump, was being racist towards immigrants in particularly to Mexicans. During his presidential announcement, he spoke how the U. S. is a dumping trash, where any other countries can drop it, in our country to solve. He specifically targeted the Mexicans because of the border that’s separates America and Mexico. He says Mexico brings their worst people in our countries, to bring problems such as crime, rapists, and drug dealers. This is racism, because he is labeling the Mexicans as harmful, dangerous people to the whole country. He doesn’t know that some Mexicans aren’t that bad, and can successfully accomplish their dreams in America like any other would, if they have a chance. After that, he targeted the immigrants of any Latin America countries. He is
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