Post Racism In America

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Overt racism has been a very large matter in America 's past. Racism, having existed for three centuries, outlawed 50 years ago, continues to persist as modern/aversive racism. Effects of deprived rights to a colossal population through three hundred years of racism, are now in full display of the world and show the extensive immutable mindset formed by the hypocrisy of the West. Our society is a racist one, and will continue to be racist unless awareness increases. America, thought by as many ignorant individuals a country in an era of post-racism, has failed in changing the mindset of people in a significant manner. The belief that America is a post-racial society is one that is ethically and politically true, culturally, there hasn 't been any significant change. "Post-racial" America is a theoretical term, one that is untrue by great lengths. This invisible line of perverse segregation wasn 't created in a day, it 's a gradual build up of 3 centuries, 10 generations, something built over such a long period of time doesn 't disappear that simply. Current intercommunication between Black Americans and society displays the long haul of America towards the post-racial society envisioned by leaders of the…show more content…
The constitutional laws of America changed about 50 years ago, completely abolishing racial segregation. After receiving their long-awaited freedom, the economic gap between blacks and whites was gigantic. The main reason for economic disparity among African Americans was the Jim Crow laws, the set of laws introduced after the abolition of slave trade, putting African Americans at huge social, economic and educational disadvantages. After-effects of these laws show till date. Brilliantly constructed, Jim Crow laws entrenched the image of superiority in whites in America for three generations. Something that has existed and been embedded into individuals since their forefathers time won 't perish that easily. Its main goal was embedment of white supremacy for
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