Essay On Life Before College

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College to some people is that start of their lives and getting away from home and learning on their own, whereas to others it is just a pit stop. For some people it is where they meet their true love and their happily ever after. Not only do they find a spouse and someone to have forever they also start the journey of their life. Their career will hopefully grow, and get a job to help pay off the debt that the students owe from going to college and starting their life. Overtime colleges have continuously gotten more and more expensive. Being the youngest of four children it has been interesting to see the outcome of what college and the debt that build up tend to do to people. Students are creating huge amount of debt trying to get a degree so that they can have a job and life after college. But the real question people have to ask themselves is that is college worth it? To build up an amount of debt that has you working in your late fifties just to pay off the debt from college to get “started on your” life? College is not worth the cost due to a much raised price teachers and education, as well as uninsured job security. College has tripled its price from when it first started to the 20th centuries. Overtime college has…show more content…
In the centuries the cost of college has gone up and the price of education and counseling has gone down, with job security putting the nail in the coffin. More kids are prone to drop out of college due to the cost, but still have a good job. For people who come from a rich family they would never have to think about dropping out, but for the average Joe college is not an option because of the amount of money it takes and there is no promised guarantee that you will have a job after
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