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NU 413 Week 9 Discussion Board Post student response to Katie-Lynn Fournier by Kathryn Moultrie Good afternoon Kathie, Enjoyed reading your post, and seeing how other organizations handle the operations of their facility and nursing departments. My biggest concern with improving quality care and patient safety issues in that, the responsibility is not ours alone, our Chief Nurse Executives (CNEs) and Director of Nursing (DON), and senior nursing management staffs to lead the journey Disch J. (2008). I find it overwhelming that the majority of the research literature (studies, surveys and reports believe nursing plays the pivotal role in changing the face of health care and improving quality care and patient safety. In order for the future of health care to change, changes must begin at the top with stakeholders, the hierarchy and nursing management, nurses as leaders within their organizations. According to Disch J. (2008), nurses as leaders within their organizations need to also step forward, CNEs have the background, perspective, and platform to help their organizations seriously tackle safety issues that jeopardize patient care and that face nurses and their colleagues daily, and are the essential building blocks of all health systems--and…show more content…
(2008). I would like to challenges Chief Nurse Executives (CNEs) to lead the journey and highlights how patients, their families, and health care organizations would benefit immeasurably if CNEs stepped forward and accepted this leadership role, then and only then can the best practice changes begin to improve what we as nurses already know. The processes of leading are intended to enable more people to develop into leaders and more people to share the roles of leading, to enhance the quality and safety of patient care (Stone P. Hughes R, Dailey M.

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