Post Trauma Retreat

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Problem Solution Support Support is plentiful as to why West Coast Post Trauma Retreat is the proper solution to choose. It meets all of the criteria that was set forth. It is able to treat not only the mental health issues associated with PTSD, but they are also able to treat any co-dependencies that may also plague the Responder. It is the most cost efficient, especially for the types of services offered. The fact that insurance is accepted pushes the program over the top. First Responders are extremely low paid and most work several jobs to make ends meet. Time away from work will be costly enough, they certainly don’t have money to pay out of pocket for many of the other expensive programs that are offered across the nation. They will…show more content…
It was originally brought about to describe the psychological, emotional and physical effects that war had on the military men. Police, Fire and EMS work in a war zone every day they report to duty. They are called to come during any and all types of emergencies. Those emergencies traumatize not only the victims, but the Responders. They are repeatedly exposed to trauma, death and despair one call after another with no time to process what they have seen and sometimes had to do. The gruesome images are pushed to the back of their mind while they deal with another situation. Most people don’t know why they are experiencing the feelings and thoughts they are having, much less know how to cope with them. As a means of coping they turn to drugs, alcohol, violence or extramarital affairs. This may seem to work for a while, but it combined with the PTSD makes for a volatile situation. If help is not obtained quickly it results in “burn out” and can lead to…show more content…
It would be very beneficial for the friends and loved ones to be able to receive treatment because PTSD doesn’t just touch the First Responder. Cost is always a factor in any type of treatment. It would be advantageous for the program to be affordable with some type of payment plan if insurance is not accepted such as scholarships, grants etc. Above all a program needs to help the patient remain anonymous if they wish to be. I chose West Coast Post Trauma Retreat as the best solution to help treat PTSD because it meets all of the criteria to be affective and offers an invaluable array of services. They treat the First Responder, their significant other and also offers training for peer counselors, which provides them the opportunity to go back to their department and share their newly gained knowledge with others. This program is a necessity to every First Responder who is suffering from PTSD and they should be given the opportunity to attend the retreats if they

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