Post Trauma Victims Summary

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Identification of the victim in any incident may reveal the underlying true version of the incident. The story of Ahmed Mohammed, a 14 year old muslim boy ,living in Irving,texas who was arrested and then suspended from his school for bringing a homemade clock that school officials thought resembled a bomb. The case here is not one of misinterpretation, but of discrimination on the grounds of race. Ahmed spoke at a news conference in front of his family’s home saying , “I built the clock to impress my teacher, but when I showed it to her, she thought I was a threat to her. So I was really sad she took the wrong impression of it” –the new York times. Identifying Ahmed to be of muslim origin was vital to show how muslims all over the world are…show more content…
Little is known about the psychological effects that media coverage of their cases can have on the victims themselves. Two contradictory hypotheses exist: One is that media reports lead to retraumatization of victims and may impede recovery, the other that media reports provide social recognition for victims and, thus, constitute a positive form of support that may facilitate recovery. A Study on the Relationship to post traumatic stress disorder Symptoms in Crime Victims(Andreas Maercker und Astrid Mehr). It states that “ The general perception of being acknowledged as a victim or survivor was only slightly correlated to the negative emotional reaction to the media coverage. This may indicate that social acknowledgment as a victim or survivor, which is known to predict PTSD maintenance, stems from different sources. Whether or not a victim’s case is covered in a media report does not make a great deal of difference to his or her feelings of being recognized or stigmatized as a victim or survivor” .There are no indications that media reports are associated with longer-lasting negative effects on the level of PTSD

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