Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Study

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This essay will discuss the post traumatic disorder, how it is caused and its treatments, this will be in the application of the case study, so this essay looks at theory and application. Post traumatic stress disorder will be explained and applied to the case study (Kinchin,2009).
Post traumatic stress disorder is known as the disorder that is described as being exposed to a traumatic event, of which it involves being intimidated by death or a very serious physical injury, this could be being involved in rape, exposed to natural disasters and experiencing home distractions, during which one will feel helpless, horrified and fearful Kinchin,2009).. After this experiences people tend to be exposed to trauma this trauma will be experienced through memories and having
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Trauma may cause noradrenergic system to be activated, and then this will cause a rise in the levels of norepinephrine, and this will therefore cause a person to become surprised and take out their emotions not in a normal way, so this level of norepinephrine as it goes up, it causes a person to have PTSD(Fingley, 2013).
So in Palesa`s case the accident caused noradrenergic system to be activated and then as this was activated it caused her level norepinephrine to rise and then she startled and expressed her emotions not in a normal way and then this caused her to have PTSD, because her norepinephrine level that raised. According to the research that was conducted people who had the tendency to be anxious, as well as those that their education was minimal exposure to traumatic events was found to then and then followed by the PTSD, so those who are not well educated can have the tendency to be exposed to PTSD than those who are well educated so not being intelligent according to research can lead to the possibility of the disorder (Halgin & Whitbourne,
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