Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Veterans

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , commonly referred to as PTSD , is a chemical imbalance in the brain due to an individual experiencing a traumatic event. Those who suffer from this disorder are more likely to be a war veteran. Although, this term hasn 't always been used. This disorder wasn 't recognized for its name until 1980, years after the Vietnam War. Many terms have been used around different time periods , but the most recent, prior to PTSD, is the term “psychological problems”. After war, many veterans who were extremely sick with this disorder were treated. Some veterans, however, abused this disorder for the beneficial treatments and care that was provided for them, they didn 't have PTSD whatsoever, they were using this as a…show more content…
However, PTSD can not be prevented. Our military men and women will deploy at least once during their time served, we can not make war zone areas a non-traumatic place , but we can provide care and treatments for those who come back unstable and not able to function properly into society. “Do I want help, you ask. How are you going to help me ? You weren 't there. You don 't know what I saw. What I did. What was done to me? How does one undo a scorched mind?” (Universal 2007). This is an excerpt from a poem about PTSD, the person experiencing this disorder had many traumatic events happen to him. During war soldiers become accustomed to the perils around them. Then they are suddenly forced to adjust back to civilian life. In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest ' s friend, Lieutenant Dan loses both of his legs in the Vietnam war. When he is sent home he finds it very hard to adjust back to civilian life. This movie shows that Lieutenant Dan is suffering mentally. He does not want to be this way , but he is, because of the trauma he has been forced to endure. He states,“He said if I found Jesus, I 'd get to walk beside him. I said walk.” (Forrest Gump). This just shows the pain he is in, suffering from PTSD. This adjustment becomes too much of a change for many and they are quickly diagnosed with PTSD. There is raw images from Photographer Devin Mitchell , that shows the struggle between who the veteran was during was and who the veteran…show more content…
The policy for receiving treatment and compensation for PTSD for soldiers in the military during the war ,was that if the soldier experienced symptoms 6 months after their return home it was considered a “transient situational disorder” meaning that it was a pre existing condition which was not eligible for treatment by the United States government. Many veterans survive tour after tour only to come home, back to civilian life, to die from not getting treated for PTSD. This is a major waste of life, because they are not getting the help they deserve from the country that did this to them. Many veterans die, because they do not know how to cope with their unknown illness. PTSD is by no means a falsely diagnosed disorder , and in analyzing accurate perspectives concerning the treatment of PTSD , one can view the disorder in a more truthful and knowledgeable light , as a valid affliction that does and always deserved specific medical attention. This disorder severely affects many Vietnam veterans , other combat veterans and their families. Having the symptoms for PTSD is the only way to diagnose the disorder and help veterans get the treatment and medical care

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