Post Traumatic Transgenders Case Study

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The purpose of this group proposal is to treat veterans with depression who have served in the last five years. The group will be a voluntary closed group of veterans who have served and suffered from a traumatic combat experience. The goal of the group is to help the veterans with their depression by giving them therapy, a safe zone to talk about what they experienced, and to give them tools they can use to deal with their depression once the group ends. Organizing the Group With more and more veterans deploying to combat zones, these deployments are taking a toll on the service members. As reported by Ikin et al., (2015) veterans who have deployed tend to experience more severe depression than other military members. With this in mind, we propose organizing a group of veterans who have served in the last five years …show more content…

Therefore, we will handle issues of confidentiality with great caution. It is our primary obligation to protect our client 's information and to recognize the limits of the confidentiality. Since we will be conducting a group counseling session, it is not always guaranteed that the other individuals in the group will maintain confidentiality. Consequently, we would make it a point to discuss in every session the importance of confidentiality and the ethical component of their actions (McClanahan, 2014). We will be most understanding with their questions, doubts, and issues in the matter. We will encourage group members to maintain everything that happens in the group sessions confidential, in order to preserve the group 's dynamic. Group format Session 1: Group Introduction • Explain the purpose of the group and introduce the goals and nature of the group. Collect informed consent. • Introduce each other/ getting to know each other. • Brief intro to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. • Talk about thoughts and feelings on

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