Post World War Dbq

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Q7. Women began demanding more political and social freedoms after they had taken on more responsibilities when all of the men had left for war. Women believed that by taking on more responsibilities back at home, they were entitled to more of the same freedoms like men. At the beginning of World War I, men were happily being shipped off to war in order to fight for their country; however, they hadn’t the slightest idea of what they got themselves into. They would find that they would be sending their men off to the slaughter. Drafts would begin taking place throughout countries. When young men reach the age of 18 they are immediately put into the draft, if your are selected, you are sent off to join war. Drafts were put into place is almost every country during World War I, countries always needed more soldiers up at the front fighting, the draft was their solution. With the draft taking away many of the young men from their daily work at home, women would begin to take over the jobs the men had left behind. They would begin doing things such as farming, becoming doctors, factory working, and helping…show more content…
Women from all around the world had taken on more responsibilities and more independent roles, in the process they had gained a voice for their own rights and freedoms. After many women had broke out of their shell, they began seeing what they could truly accomplish. Women began demanding their right and freedoms politically and socially because they believed that if men got rights, women deserved equal rights. Furthermore, after stepping up to such drastic roles during the war, women were entitled to their freedom and rights. Thanks to the war, an abundance of women were allowed to take on new roles and gain new freedoms and
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