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Although there is a lot of information to relay when speaking about the U.S postal service. I have decided to discuss its poignant rich history throughout the last 242 years.

Title: A brief history of the U.S Postal service
Topic: History of the U.S Postal service
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform listeners about the history of the U.S Postal service
Thesis Statement: the fascinating history of the U.S postal service since its inception

I have decided that I want to give my speech to a group of 20 college students in my speaking class, and the main idea of my presentation is to discuss the history of the U.S. Postal service, how it has changed since its inception and where it stands now. I will be using the chronological organizational
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With the introduction of the postal service a bridge was created among the thirteen states that allowed for faster communication for mail delivery speeds and changed communication forever. To run the postal offices, a position of postmaster was created and was made responsible for enlisting merchants to help with the Post Offices day to day running. Post the revolution U. S Postal service wanted to expand so, congress in 1792 passed a law to establish post offices and post roads throughout the entire country. Additionally, we can see by these following examples, that I am about to discuss, how the U.S postal service was a major factor with the establishment of communication throughout the states at a time of national expansion. Some examples, of the major factors, that the U.S Postal service had in shaping the United States, as we know it, include:
1. Indirectly helping families, who were very dispersed, as they were able to communicate via mail and was able to keep in touch with family when moving west despite all the distance.
2. They helped entrepreneurs find business opportunities that would not have been
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