Postcolonization Of Native Americans In Colonial America

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I am writing this letter to tell you that me and couple of the men of the ship are doing fine, some of our men have died from hunger and from the ship crash that we’ve had recently, and here I am with the men in an island being welcomed by the native indians that helped us through. The native indians are extremely welcoming people in my point of view, they helped us when the ship crashed, they gave us food, water, and shelters for us to live in since we didn't have anything anymore. The native americans are the opposite of what I thought, when I saw them after the crash I thought they would kill us and sacrifice us to their gods, when actually they are celebrating and trying to fill us with happiness, instead of thinking about our lost of the ship. They are emotionally understanding people of what I've seen, they felt our sorrow and sadness of losing our ship from the recent occurring hurricane that led us to this island.…show more content…
The natives like peace and not war, but if there is war they would definitely not be quite and weak to their
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